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1.Asked whether he would be willing to return to England in the future, Bale replied, "If those options arise, it is something I'd look at for sure."。
2.At Rio de Janeiro's Olympic stadium, former Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou made his debut for Botafogo but could not inspire the hosts to victory over Coritiba.。
3.Rondon continued to demonstrate his prowess in the second half. In the 48th minute, the Venezuelan striker assisted Swedish winger Sam Larsson to stretch the lead for Dalian.。
4.In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.。
5.Other clubs are expected to follow.。
6.TCL, founded in 1981, is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in China and has expanded its business to over 160 countries and regions worldwide.。


1.In women's singles, top seed Pliskova of the Czech Republic was upset by France's Caroline Garcia in the second round.。
2.BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and Chinese electronics enterprise TCL on Thursday announced an entirely new global partnership, following the relationship between the two parties at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 last year in China.。
3.TEHRAN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Tractor Sazi beat Esteghlal FC 3-2 on Thursday to win Iran's Hazfi Cup for the second time in the soccer club's history.。
4.Flamengo netted twice in quick succession after the restart: first with a stunning first-time effort from playmaker Everton Ribeiro and then with a cool Arrascaeta finish after a counterattack.。
5.THE HAGUE, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Manchester United have signed midfielder Donny van der Beek from Ajax, both clubs announced on Wednesday.。
6."Germany has been the first nation to have three of its coaches among the final four in the Champions League," he added.。


1.American rider Quinn Simmons took silver and bronze went to Damien Howson from Australia. Enditem。
2."It was a delight to wear yellow. Hopefully I'll keep for a few more days. Let's first see how it goes tomorrow."。
3.Both sides continued to exchange attacks after Leroy Sane unleashed a hammer on target to force De Gea into action once again six minutes later.。
4.BERLIN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Jose Luis Gaya's injury-time equalizer canceled out Timo Werner's opener and helped Spain snatch a last-gasp 1-1 draw with Germany in Group 4 of the UEFA Nations League on Thursday.。
5.The competition in Lausanne's Place de l'Europe played host to a fascinating duel between Duplantis and two-time world champion Sam Kendricks from the United States, whose best jump was 6.02 meters.。
6.PP Sports, owned by Chinese retail giant Suning Group, had signed a three-year deal with Premier League in 2016. The broadcaster has reportedly withheld a payment of 160 million pounds rights fees which were due to happen in March.。


1、Germany took the reins and pressed forward whereas Spain looked shocked and unable to respond.。
2、Concepts base on the league's general concept, leading to the earliest re-start of all European leagues.。
3、Meanwhile United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented that he was pleased with what the talented playmaker could bring to his team.。
4、The 54-year-old Dane announced he has been receiving medical treatment for the condition after being diagnosed some years ago and, with the assistance of doctors, has continued to carry out his duties as BWF president "without limitation," said the world governing body.。
5、The fact that three German coaches made it to the Champions League semifinals tells the story of a successful coaching education system, he underlined.。


Other clubs are expected to follow.!


  • 蟹怪 10-23

    Valter, 22, broke free during the final few kilometers and the peloton was unable to catch him.

  • 事情 10-22

    But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.

  • 我们 10-21

    "My full efforts are totally focused on leading the Badminton World Federation and fulfilling my role as IOC member. I would like to thank the badminton and sporting community for their ongoing support and I look forward to leading the BWF as we plan for our safe return to international badminton," he said.

  • 力量 10-20

    A source told Xinhua, they have paid 50 percents of the negotiated fees at the initial stage of the three-year circle.

  • 散仙 10-19

    Other clubs are expected to follow.

  • 蓝光 10-18

    World number one Djokovic struck 51 winners to notch up the win against Edmund, extending his unbeaten run this year to 25 matches.

  • 防止 10-17

    Nouri suffered brain damage after having a heart attack during a game in 2017.

  • 自由 10-16

    TEHRAN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Tractor Sazi beat Esteghlal FC 3-2 on Thursday to win Iran's Hazfi Cup for the second time in the soccer club's history.

  • 点点 10-15

    Members of the US women's team filed a lawsuit against their federation in March because of alleged discrimination over wages. A federal judge ruled against the players, who have since lodged an appeal.

  • 眼底 10-14

    With his final stage win, Valter became the overall winner of this year's Tour de Hongrie.

  • 有把 10-13

    TCL, founded in 1981, is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in China and has expanded its business to over 160 countries and regions worldwide.

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